I am Brett McAteer, a marcomms professional — a writer — based in Ottawa, Canada.

I write clear, compelling copy in long form and short, for web pages, for campaigns, for content marketing and more.

I write for very large companies but also for small companies that are growing.

I write with insight, foresight, consummate skill, and a pace of production that never fails to please. And when it is all written and done, we will both be pleased.


Here’s a collection of pages I wrote recently for a campaign microsite. (I can’t vouch for the page design. Even a great writer’s influence is sometimes limited.)

Content Marketing
And here you’ll find a piece of long-form content marketing (sometimes called “thought leadership”) that my client’s sales force was very pleased to add to their toolkit.

“Insights” is another word for “thought leadership”. I find that much of the thought leadership material I read is neither leading thought nor insightful. In these examples of my own thoughts and insights, I have tried to demonstrate how it is done.

Business Blog
These posts (and most everything I write, actually) tend to follow a simple logical model. To wit, products and services enable capabilities that yield benefits. I find interesting ways to express this logic and find an authentic, conversational tone to be most effective. And I am not averse to a little provocation if it will encourage clicks.

A Success Story
This one-page success story is an example of the marketing communications practitioner’s stock-in-trade. I have written dozens of these over the years and they have never failed to attract the right kind of attention. (Given it to write today, I think it would be shorter, less dense and easier to scan.) 

A Discussion Paper
The discussion paper (or whitepaper, by any other name) is a standard on the business communications checklist. Style-wise, the challenge is to keep things lively and personal but also relevant, delivering information of actionable value to the reader.

Editorial Copy
Sometimes we wait for the coverage to discover us and sometimes we produce the editorial copy we would like to see published and offer it up. With this article, the results were exactly what I wanted: one active sale lead from each of three Global 100 companies.

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