I am Brett McAteer, a marketing communications professional and writer based in Ottawa, Canada.

I specialize in clear, compelling messages for technology companies wanting to expand awareness, enhance the brand, articulate the market position, and generate sales leads.

I bring insight, foresight, advanced communications skills, and a pace of production that will astound you. When it is all written and done, we will both be happy.

My résumé.

Samples and examples of my work

Ghosted Editorial Copy
Control is important. When we give it to others, we don’t always get the results we want. Sometimes it is better to produce the editorial copy we would like to see published and “offer” it to the preferred outlets. In this example, the results were exactly what I wanted: sales leads from three Global 100 companies.

I produce and maintain the copy on this site.

Business Blogging
The posts I write tend toward a simple model: technology enables a capability that yields a benefit. I try to present this model in interesting ways. I believe the conversational tone is best and most authentic, and I am not averse to a little provocation where it can encourage sharing and further discussion of your products or services.
For Unify’s “Project Ansible” blog
For LiveQoS (formerly IPeak Networks)

A Success Story
This one-pager is a fine example of the marketing communications practitioner’s stock-in-trade. I have written dozens of these over the years and they have never failed to attract the right kind of attention. 

A Discussion Paper
The discussion paper or whitepaper by any other name is a standard on the business communications checklist.  Style-wise, the challenge is to keep it lively and meaningfully personal while delivering information of value to the reader.

Technology Test Reports
The test reports in this PDF Portfolio were written to highlight the benefits of an embedded technology. The target audience was a single (large) sales prospect. Also included in the portfolio is one Powerpoint “reduction” (summarizing a test report) and three of my crude-but-effective no-budget promotional videos.


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